Sort by: Vehicles Trailers. Meaning some sort of old mod is causing the issue.


Meaning some sort of old mod is causing the issue.

Oct 17, 2022 · Other | Better Sorting | Complete overhaul to item categories and various name tweaks. . .

I found a.

This mod is a work in progress. Hello, and welcome to the world of Project Zomboid where even the simplest scratch can mean life or death. 22.

So I. This time, you will find that your clothing items are now organized in a neater manner than before.


It works.

. PZ has a mod menu in-game, which lets you enable and disable any mods.

Order. There's a button next to the 'take all', which when toggled on, shows all the loot across every container (corpse) near you.

Yes, there is the "transfer all" button present - but that's more or less a quick'n'dirty way to solve storage affairs.
Mod version: 17.



. I found a hand-axe (my first axe of any kind) in the zombie pile outside my door. Source: Go to.

This mod can be safely added or removed from any Saved game. Source: Go to. May 22, 2023 · 9 Lake Manors, Westpoint. Auto-Sort Feature I could not find an similar request for this. Comments. Everything you need is available within the game’s Steam Workshop.

Left click to set one category.

. Feb 16, 2022 · How to mod Project Zomboid.

Dec 25, 2021 · Add mods to favorites or hide from the list; Create custom tags for mods; Save mods presets; Load mods from existing saves; Disable or enable all at once; Change mods load order; Use keyboard to navigate through the list; And more.

Rather than put out umpteen different tiny mods, I've gone and made this smorgasbord compilation to try to bring a wide variety of mod-added items into.

Westpoint is a notoriously difficult starting location for even veteran Project Zomboid players.

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